Nom: Jennifer (aka Jennaris)

Anniversaire: 24 july


Location: France


Outils de travail:

Wacom Cintiq 24HD

Asus G20AJ

Clip Studio Paint



Acrylic paint



Hello ! 

 i'm Jennaris formerly known as Nekozumi. I've been drawing since forever and I keep on drawing :) 

    I'm a freelance illustrator, i was born in Paris. Most of my work is digital art but I also use traditional medias for portraits and practice study.

    I'm mainly known on internet for my anime fanarts! I also work on commissions , original art and I attend conventions in europe.

  Sharing my drawings with you and getting support from you will give me   the strength to reach my goals and go along with my projects ! 



What software do you use for your illustrations?
I use Clip Studio Paint 5EX , and I do some editing with Photoshop CS5.

What brand is your computer?
I own a Asus G20, with intel core i7, Ndivia GeForce GTX750, it’s a gamer’s PC.

What tablet do you use?
I have a Cintiq 24 HD.

What size is your canvas? 
I usually use A4 in 300dpi for illustrations, and A4 in 600dpi for manga pages

When did you start drawing?
Since I was a kid, but I start drawing in manga style in 2004.

Why did you change your pseudo ‘nekozumi’ to ‘ jennaris’ ?

During 10 years I’ve been called Nekozumi, and I was used to it, but now times have changed and it’s time to move on. I liked that name, I was a fan of japanese culture, and I was 17 when i chose it! But then I start asking myself “if you had to choose your name today, what would it be ?” and I was thinking for weeks, I knew the answer was near. And then BOOM, it was there since the beginning, it was simple, the first 4 letters of my first name and family name and that’s it, i am Jennaris!

Can i use your drawing?
Sure, for a forum, websites and blogs, it's okay as long as you credit me (means giving a link to my website)

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